About Rad & Sad Art

I’m Jessie Schoenrock, a California born and St. Charles raised Creative.
I currently work as a freelance designer, potter and all-around-artist.

My work as an artist is inspired by everyday feels and function. I’ve loved art since I can remember but, as a young person my pursuit of art was derailed by family drama. As an adult, I’ve been able to come home to myself and rediscover my art practice. My art practice gives me a more centered and lively life. In the last year my work as been honored at local galleries, featured by local companies, and drank out of by handmade-mug-lovers everywhere.

Rad & Sad Art is a fresh and functional modern ceramics & digital print brand. 

I love clay for the way it shows both strength and delicacy. Clay has a willingness to be transformed and occasionally throws a big fit about it.This makes clay-work unmistakably human...both Rad & Sad at the same time. 

My prints playfully reflect emotions, inclusivity, and both the rough and smooth feelings of being human.